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Bespoke Naked Wedding Cake In Hertfordshire | Wedding Cake Maker | Cakes By BabyBelles At Cakes by Babybelles, we have been thinking about the cake tasting experience and how to make it extra special for our brides and grooms. I love doing tastings. I love meeting new couples, hearing their stories and watching their faces as they taste our cakes. I love looking at their Pinterest boards and conceptualising new designs. I love the whole process.
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Ask any bride or groom what their favourite part of wedding planning is and you'll most likely hear them say "wedding cake tasting". How many times in your life do you get to sit down and sample a multitude of flavours until you have found the one?

Traditionally a wedding cake was made of rich fruit cake but modern brides and grooms are getting more and more daring with their wedding cake choices. When it comes to the flavour and design, husbands- and wives-to-be can practically choose whatever they want. It's their wedding after all.
Wedding Cake Tastings In Hertfordshire | Cakes By BabyBelles

The wedding cake is the quintessential centrepiece of the reception, with a specific timeslot carved out on the schedule for cutting and serving the cake. Over the years, the details and designs of wedding cakes have become more and more elaborate with sugar roses, intricate patterns and a seemingly infinite number of colours to choose from. But no matter how beautiful or aesthetically pleasing a wedding cake may be, what matters most is how it tastes.

When it comes to dreaming up your wedding cake, outside appearances aren’t everything—what’s on the inside counts, too. We've rounded up
mouthwatering options that are sure to please everyone’s palate. You can find our extensive range of wedding cake flavours on our
Fillings & Bespoke Wedding Cakes In Hertfordshire | Cakes By Babybelles Flavours page. Besides being a showpiece, your cake should taste amazing too.

Flavour options at Cakes by Babybelles are endless. You can go with a classic chocolate cake with chocolate Wedding Cake Tasting In Hertfordshire | Cakes By Babybelles butter cream icing or lemon buttermilk with a raspberry filling or a white sponge cake with a rose water infused frosting. The options are unlimited. To help you decide, I strongly recommend our free cake tasting and design sessions in Hertfordshire so you can see exactly what works best for you.

Typically at a Cakes by Babybelles wedding cake tasting, the couple will select two flavours to sample; we then select an additional flavour and serve up all three delicious choices.

For very large wedding cakes, we are able to serve up more flavours’ to sample. We will then spend time designing your dream wedding cake drawing inspiration from your wedding colours, décor & details and favourite things.
Before you even get to your cake tasting, you should know your wedding date, venue, approximate guest count, and the time of day your reception will be held. We will also walk you through the pricing of the options you're considering.
A Cakes by Babybelles cake tasting is a truly remarkable experience and we look forward to meeting brides and grooms planning their special day.

So what flavours are you considering for your wedding cake?

Leave us a comment below with your options or the cake flavour you did select for your wedding.

Cakes By BabyBelles exhibited at the Hanbury Manor wedding fair for the first time ever last Sunday. I should add that it was also the first time ever exhibiting at any wedding fair and I have to say it was a really exciting experience!!

Bespoke Wedding Cakes: Hertfordshire | Cakes By BabyBelles
Having never been to a wedding fair as a wedding cake exhibitor, I was completely clueless about what I was doing! I felt a bit overwhelmed in deciding how to have a wonderful stand at the wedding fair, which would attract lots of brides and grooms in and around Hertfordshire. How do I make my table stand out? How do I get people to talk to me? A lot of questions ran through my adventurous mind!
I did a lot of research online and I made sure I was well prepared with enough marketing materials, vibrant cakes and yummy cake samples. I probably baked enough cake the night before to feed the all of Hertfordshire’s brides and grooms.

We had 4 flavours available to taste, which were cookies & cream, vanilla, salted caramel (everyone went crazy for this) and yummy chocolate. I loved receiving great feedback on the softness and moistness of our bespoke wedding cakes.

Wedding Cupcakes In Hertfordshire | Cakes By BabyBelles
There were 3 different rooms and Cakes By BabyBelles was situated in the Assembly hall which in my opinion was the best room by far. The room was arranged in a way that it included a wide range of wedding suppliers, from florists to photographers, a photo booth, suit hire and even a live pianist was also in attendance. There was a lot to see, to say the least. Kudos to the team at Main Event Wedding shows and Marriot Hanbury Manor for executing such a well-coordinated event.

Bespoke Wedding Cake Maker: Hertfordshire | Cakes By BabyBelles
Bespoke Wedding Cakes In Hertfordshire | Cakes By BabyBelles
The event kicked off at around 11 am and things started to get busy quite quickly. People were coming in at intervals though so it wasn’t too bad for us exhibitors. The fair had such a warm feeling to it. The other exhibitors were very friendly and I found it very insightful talking to them about their past wedding fair experiences. Being a newbie myself, I was obviously all ears!

Wedding Cake Maker In Hertfordshire | Cakes By BabyBelles
Wedding Cakes & Cupcakes In Hertfordshire | Cakes By BabyBelles
At one stage during the event, however, I wanted to stroll around the different tables and look at the pretty stuff rather than talk to potential customers about our bespoke wedding cakes and celebration cakes!

Bespoke Luxury Cakes Maker: Hertfordshire | Cakes By BabyBelles
I was very lucky that I had a friend and my hubby who came to support me because, at various times, we were inundated with couples who wanted to speak with us about their luxury wedding cake. This was very exciting because it meant that half the job was done.

Luxury Wedding Cakes Maker: Hertfordshire | Cakes By BabyBelles
I also found myself getting excited for every bride-to-be that I met and talked to at the fair. Having been a bride-to-be myself, I could totally relate to all the stress and anxiety brought on by this long preparation for that most anticipated “walk up the aisle.” But I’m sure, it will all be worth it in the end. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my first wedding fair. I loved displaying my wedding cakes, lots of people tasting my cakes and bespoke cupcakes and receiving amazing feedback as well as talking to brides and grooms-to-be about how Cakes By BabyBelles could help their wedding day become extra special.​​​​​​​
Bespoke Wedding Cakes Hertfordshire | Cakes By BabyBelles
Firstly I would like to wish you a wonderful 2017! May all your dreams and aspirations come true.
We are so glad to be back into the bakery after our long break. 2016 was truly a fabulous year with lots of truly exciting activities but we are definitely looking forward to the grand cakes planned for 2017.
We will be showcasing some of our work at The Wedding Fayre at HANBURY MANOR on SUNDAY, 22nd JANUARY 2017 11:00AM—3:00PM.
You are all welcome to attend and I look forward to seeing you!!
Come along and discuss the details of your special day with us. There will also be a Fashion show at 12 and 2pm!
Pre-register online at
Free Entry and Goodie bag for all brides!

I’m really pleased to be able to introduce my fantastic new website and new blog! It’s a busy time at the moment and lots of cakes have been made so lots of time has been spent in the cake studio and I have a few photo shoots planned as well so there will be new photos up ASAP too so watch this space for more news soon!

When you are developing a brand it is difficult to know where to start. What is your USP? What is your business strategy? What are your core values?

All valid and vital questions. However, my personal experience is that when you have a real passion for something it is easier to focus on the process and let the results flow naturally, and for CakesbyBabyBelles that has definitely been the case. I have always had a passion for art and fashion but for a long time I struggled to find an outlet for my creativity. When I stumbled across baking and cake design it all seemed to fall into place. My creative side finally found a means by which to expresses itself and my academic side found an opportunity to create a unique and exciting business.


We are committed to providing a truly personal customer experience by including our clients in every stage of the process, from bouncing around initial ideas, to the development of a final concept. We take a creative approach to every wedding cake we produce and aim never to make the same cake twice. Every client is different, and for us that means a new opportunity to think up innovative and unique ideas, each time pushing the boundaries of traditional cake design.